Want to make your next cruise experience more enjoyable? Here are some cruise essentials we hand-picked just for you. Most of these we use ourselves!


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Make your job of adding your tags to your luggage a breeze with these reusable tags!

Not all power strips are allowed on cruise ships. This power strip is cruise-ship approved!

Your cabin walls are made of metal and these magnetic hooks are perfect for any hanging belongings you may have!

Make the most of the space in your cabin with this Large Mesh Over Door Hanging Organizer

These retractable and detachable lanyards make carrying and using your cruise card easy!

Whether by the pool or on a beach excursion, keep your phone dry and safe in these waterproof phone pouches

It can get breezy on deck. Keep your towels secure on your lounger while you're in the pool!

If you prefer not to use towel clips (above), you can use these towel bands to keep your towels secure on your lounger while you're in the pool!

Stuck in an inside cabin? Add a port hole sticker to the wall and feel like you have window!

Keep your coffee warm (or other beverages cool) while you sit by the pool!

With airlines charging for bags and maximum weight limits for checked luggage, pack light with these refillable travel bottles!

Keep all your charging cables and such neatly organized with this handy Electronic Accessory Organizer!

If you've never used packing cubes, you don't know what you're missing! Pick these up and see for yourself!

Hang this organizer on the towel rack in your cabin's bathroom and have all your toiletries in easy reach!

Many airlines allow at least a personal item to carry on the plane with you. This travel tote, with ample space, can serve as your personal item!

Electric irons and steamers are not allowed on cruise ships due to them being fire hazards (if you take one with you, it will be taken away upon boarding). This steamer is cruise-ship approved! It is not a fire-hazard!

With 40000mAh of power, this portable power bank has the power to charge a single device for a week on one single charge! It's also able to charge 3 devices at the same time.

Want to leave a message for your cabin mates? How about leaving funny or inspirational messages outside your cabin door? There is no easier way to do either (and more) with this magnetic whiteboard.

Keep your and your family's passports and important documents in one handy organizer. Complete with RFID protection, this organizer slips right into your travel bag and keeps everything together in one place where you can find them!

If you or one of your cabin mates is prone to motion sickness, consider this all-natural remedy to help ease the discomfort.

If you're prone to motion sickness and don't want to take medication, consider using these nausea relief wristbands. They work well and are medication-free!

Everyone takes pictures on their vacation, but most of the time the one taking the picture is not in the picture! Put an end to that with this combination selfie stick and tripod for your phone - and get in the picture!

Need more space in your luggage? Consider using these vacuum storage bags. Squeeze the air out of your clothes so you can pack more. Just don't go over 50 lbs if you're flying or the airline will charge you extra.

In an effort to reduce plastic in our oceans, cruise ships have phased out using plastic straws. If you're like many and averse to the texture of paper straws, try using these made in the USA, eco-friendly, reusable bamboo straws instead.

With an e-reader, you can download just about any book out in the world and carry it with you everywhere you go. The fact that this e-reader is waterproof makes it even easier to take it to the beach or when sitting by the pool.

Let's face it, drinks are expensive on cruise ships. And while we don't condone this, some people do try to smuggle liquor on board cruise ships. These fake shampoo and conditioner bottles are designed to disguise your alcohol so you can sneak them on board along with the rest of your toiletries.