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Suzanne Lombardi, CTA

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Nathaniel Phillips

Hello from Generations Getaways! We are Suzanne, Ray, and Nathaniel and we are here for your every leisure travel need! Founded in 2020 by Suzanne and Ray, Generations Getaways struggled to get off the ground with the world shutting down one month after starting the business. Thankfully, the world reopened, and Generations Getaways has been growing ever since. Nathaniel Phillips joined the team in 2023 as Generations Getaways continues to grow.

We also have an expert specializing in Disney and Universal Studios who is passionate about creating magical experiences for families. Though they prefer to remain behind the scenes, their deep knowledge and insider tips will ensure your theme park adventure is nothing short of extraordinary! If you're interested in planning a Disney or Universal theme park trip, contact us, and we'll make sure our specialist reaches out to you.


On this page, you’ll learn about us and a little of our travel experience. All three of us are passionate about travel and have the experience to research, recommend, plan and book all your leisure travel.


Suzanne Lombardi

As a child, Suzanne had a dream of going on the Love Boat after watching the popular TV show. In 2016, her dream came true, well sort of! The original Love Boat, Pacific Princess, was no longer in operation, but Suzanne did go on her first cruise aboard Norwegian Gem. And she hasn’t looked back since! Suzanne has recently cruised in Europe and has cruised all over the Caribbean to places like St. Maarten, Belize, Costa Maya, Bermuda, and many more. Couple that with all-inclusive resort destinations, Suzanne has visited over 15 countries.

Suzanne has a medical background and loves traveling, creating arts and crafts, animals, and is a very proud grandma who loves spending time with her grandchildren. As a mom with extensive travel experience, she understands the challenges of traveling with children and can make recommendations encompassing all aspects of family travel. She has also received specialized training to help ensure travelers with special needs and autism can enjoy their travels as much as anyone.

In 2024, Suzanne earned her Certified Travel Associate (CTA) from the Travel Institute to better help our clients. This shows her commitment and dedication to our present and future clients as well as to the travel industry, as a whole.

Suzanne brings cruising and all-inclusive resort experience as well as experience to destinations in the state of Florida.


Rui (Ray) Ferreira

Ray took his first flight at the ripe old age of 2 months when he traveled from his birthplace in Portugal to the United States. Since then, he has visited Europe countless times, most recently aboard a Celebrity cruise ship visiting Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece. Speaking of cruising, Ray took his first cruise in 1992 and has cruised extensively since! All in all, between cruising, flying, and riding, Ray has visited over 20 countries.

In 2023, Ray earned the designation of Certified Travel Associate (CTA) from The Travel Institute, the oldest and most respected non-profit certification organization in the travel industry. These credentials require that Ray have at least 18 months of travel industry work experience, completed rigorous certification and testing, and continue to fulfill stringent education credit requirements each year. The CTA designation means that he is committed to upholding the highest standards of our profession while providing expert advice to our customers.

Ray also loves to travel and has an analytical career background. A musician that can play 4 instruments (3 pretty well) and a former wedding disc jockey, music is an important part of Ray’s life. He is a life-long learner, always looking to either learn something new or improve upon something he already knows. This means he is on top of travel industry trends and can always recommend the right destination for you.


Nathaniel Phillips

Nathaniel comes to Generations Getaways with a welcome set of skills that will be a great asset to our team. Nathaniel has been a lifelong resident of Rhode Island and has worked in the hospitality and entertainment industry for 20+ years. Owning Badwell Entertainment and holding leadership roles in some of RI’s best restaurants, pubs, and entertainment venues, he has a keen eye for detail and the highest expectations for service and leisure.

As a young man, Nathaniel spent time traveling around the USA visiting many states exploring our national parks and monuments. After taking some time off from travel to raise his son and operate Badwell Entertainment, he took his first cruise in 2019 and discovered his new passion.

Nathaniel is an avid theater goer and enjoys all forms of art expressed through live stage performances, comedy, and music. During his time in the restaurant industry, Nathaniel has developed a taste for high quality food and cuisines from around the world. Cruising has given him the opportunity to get all of that in one place while traveling to some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

To date, Nathaniel has traveled to over 15 countries including Ireland, Greece, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Portugal, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, and many others - traveling with family, friends, partners, solo, and even with friends made during these travels around the globe. With all of Nathaniel’s experiences and outgoing personality, you can trust him to make solid recommendations to aid in the planning of your travel and explorations.


At Generations Getaways, our journey is intertwined with yours. We believe that every trip is a chance to make unforgettable memories, strengthen bonds, and discover the world's wonders together. Whether you're venturing on a family vacation, embarking on a serene river cruise, or creating magic at a theme park, we're here to ensure that your travel experiences are not just easy, but extraordinary. Every member of our team is ready and able to assist you with your travel needs, ensuring that every detail is perfectly tailored to your desires. Let's continue to explore, learn, and grow together—one incredible journey at a time. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your travel adventures. Here's to many more!