Cruise Itinerary Showcase – 11-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise aboard Odyssey of the Seas

Odyssey of the Seas - Limassol Cyprus

This month we're showcasing an 11-night Eastern Caribbean itinerary aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Odyssey of the Seas.


Setting sail from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, your journey aboard the Odyssey of the Seas starts with three leisurely days at sea as she charts a course for the azure waters of the Caribbean. These initial days are your golden opportunity to explore the myriad of activities, dining experiences, and entertainment options this colossal, state-of-the-art ship has to offer. Whether it's adrenaline-pumping adventures you're after or serene spots to unwind, the Odyssey doesn't just carry you to destinations; it's a world-class destination in its own right. 


This extraordinary cruise offers not just a voyage but a discovery of vibrant cultures, pristine beaches, and historical landmarks, all while enjoying the vastness of the ocean. With an itinerary that beautifully marries the thrill of exploration and the bliss of relaxation, you're set for a vacation that ticks all the right boxes.

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Philipsburg, St. Maarten: A Splash of Sun, Sea, and Shopping

Our first stop takes us to Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Situated on the Dutch side of the island, Philipsburg is an enchanting blend of deep blue seas, white sandy beaches, and a bustling town life showcasing a rich heritage. As the capital, it's a hub of activity, set against a backdrop of rolling green hills and clear skies. The charm of Philipsburg lies in its ability to offer a slice of European sophistication with the laid-back vibes of the Caribbean. From its Front Street shopping district to the historical buildings that dot the landscape, Philipsburg is a tantalizing mix of old and new, wrapped in tropical beauty.


Take a taxi and start your day with a gentle stroll along the Great Bay Beach, where the sun kisses the horizon and the waves whisper to the shore. As the day unfolds, venture into the heart of Philipsburg to explore its iconic Front Street. Here, duty-free shopping offers everything from luxury jewels to high-end electronics, perfect for those looking to take a piece of paradise home. For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Sint Maarten Museum offers insights into the island's past, including its Arawak beginnings and pirate lore. Ensure to indulge in local culinary delights, sampling Dutch and Caribbean fusion dishes that tantalize the tastebuds, all before returning to the ship for a 6:00 pm departure.

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St. Johns, Antigua: Historic Sites and Turquoise Waters

The following morning, we wake up as we approach our second stop: St. Johns, Antigua. St. Johns, Antigua's capital, is a colorful, bustling port city known for its rich history and spectacular natural surroundings. Dominated by the white baroque towers of St. John's Cathedral, the city's skyline is as distinctive as its landscape is diverse. Beyond the urban life, Antigua is encircled by pristine beaches and azure waters, making it a paradise for sun-seekers and history buffs alike. The island's slogan, "365 beaches – one for every day of the year," isn't far from the truth, offering a beach for every taste and adventure.


Hop in a taxi and dedicate your morning to exploring the historical marvels of Nelson's Dockyard National Park in English Harbour, a remarkable example of Antigua's naval history and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander through the restored colonial buildings and the Dockyard Museum to steep yourself in the rich maritime history. By the afternoon, as you take another taxi back toward the ship, shift gears to the natural beauty Antigua offers at one of its famed beaches. Galley Bay Beach, with its crystal-clear waters and tranquil atmosphere, is perfect for a relaxing swim or snorkeling adventure. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the local market's vibrant atmosphere, at the Public Market Complex and Craft Market. You can find handmade crafts and taste local produce, ensuring you’re back onboard with time to spare, rich in experiences and Antiguan sun.

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Basseterre, St. Kitts - a Lush Landscape of History and Nature

Our third port, Basseterre, St. Kitts, is set against the backdrop of St. Kitts’ lush, green hills and clear blue skies. It is the heartbeat of this small island nation. As one of the Caribbean’s oldest towns, it is steeped in history but vibrantly alive with beautiful colonial architecture and bustling markets. The town’s charming squares, well-preserved buildings, and the surrounding natural beauty make it a unique stop in the Caribbean, offering a deeper insight into the rich cultural heritage and natural treasures of St. Kitts.


Your exploration of Basseterre can start with a 10-minute walk from the cruise pier to Independence Square, the historical heart of the city, with its surrounding colonial structures telling stories of a bygone era. Moving on, hop in a taxi and venture to Romney Manor, home of the Caribelle Batik factory, where you can witness the fascinating process of batik making against the backdrop of botanical gardens. Or hop in a taxi and head to Timothy Hill for an iconic view of where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, a perfect visual souvenir of St. Kitts. For those seeking a connection with nature, the majestic Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is only a short walk from Independence Square. Here, history and panoramic vistas meet, offering breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. 

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Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas: A Cultural and Tropical Paradise

Our last port visit on this wonderful cruise is Charlotte Amalie, nestled in the heart of St. Thomas. Charlotte Amalie is the U.S. Virgin Islands' bustling capital, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Renowned for its deep harbor that once housed pirate ships, today, it's a picturesque gateway to the island's past, with its vibrant downtown area, colonial architecture, and stunning mountainous backdrop. Beyond its historical treasures, Charlotte Amalie is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, making it an irresistible stop for those cruising the azure waters of the region.


Begin your Charlotte Amalie adventure with a short taxi ride to Fort Christian, a Danish-built fortress that stands as a testament to the island's diverse colonial history, now housing a museum with artifacts spanning the centuries. After immersing yourself in history, take a 10-minute walk to Market Square, a bustling bazaar where local vendors sell tropical fruits, spices, and handcrafted souvenirs. Afterward, take a taxi and spend your afternoon at Magens Bay Beach, often listed among the world’s most beautiful beaches, with its heart-shaped bay and calm waters inviting you for a swim or leisurely paddleboarding session. Before heading back to the Odyssey of the Seas, take a 10-minute hike from Magens Bay Beach to Drake’s Seat for a panoramic photo opportunity that captures the essence of St. Thomas—beauty, tranquility, and a vivid past, all coexisting under the Caribbean sun.


Journey's End and a New Beginning

As we set course back to Cape Liberty, three more days at sea grant you the luxury of time to delve deeper into the Odyssey of the Seas. Whether it's a moment of reflection in one of the tranquil lounges, a culinary journey across the globe, or an adrenaline rush on the surf simulator, these days at sea are your canvas to paint lifelong memories.

Onboard Odyssey of the Seas

Odyssey of the Seas unlocks an array of exhilarating and diverse experiences, designed to entertain, delight, and inspire. Combined with well over a dozen eateries and your onboard experience will be unmatched.

Activities and Experiences

From the vast, resort-style pool deck with two pools and numerous casitas offering a touch of serenity, to heart-pumping activities at SeaPlex, the largest indoor activity space at sea with its very own skating rink, fitness classes, and basketball court, to RipCord by iFly, a skydiving simulator styled as a mesmerizing vertical wind tunnel which lets you fly in complete safety and exhale the adrenaline rush that comes with the experience, you're sure to find your thrill on board!


Among the most sought-after activities during your voyage are bumper cars showdowns and virtual experiences in the Virtual Adventure Zone. You might also wish to challenge your entire crew to glow-in-the-dark laser tag battles in Clash for the Crystal City. Or enjoy the salty spray from the FlowRider surf simulator - a refreshing escape from cruising's tranquility, you'll dive into the whitewash and experience the energy of a kid-free wave, as reliable as it is exhilarating!

For those who seek entertainment of a more leisurely kind, Two70 is a state-of-the-art performance venue that converts from a living room with panoramic views by day to a multimedia theater at night where you can enjoy international productions in the spirit of Paris and Las Vegas. Or slip away to the tranquil sanctuary of the Solarium adult-only area, making the most of your downtime in the fresh ocean breeze. Of course, there’s also the Lime and Coconut Bar at hand, offering an inviting nautical ambiance, whether sunbathing or stargazing.

Odyssey of the Seas - Limassol Cyprus

For little ones, there's an abundance of activities guaranteed to thrill and entertain. The Adventure Ocean program boasts a comprehensive range of workshops and activities tailored to different age groups, ensuring young cruisers find their own ways to have a ball. Furthermore, Splashaway Bay is a vast, engaging aqua park that invites kids to play in water cannons, fountains, mini waterslides, and even a drench bucket. For those who appreciate a touch of creativity, an art workshop awaits, inspiring young minds to develop their skills and showcase their talents.

Older children can gravitate towards attractions like the Virtual Reality Zone and bumper cars showdowns, challenging both their coordination and gaming prowess. They can play immersive games at the Hangout, where music and video gaming offer an atmosphere that cater to both older children.

Of course, these activities are just a sampling of the many experiences Odyssey of the Seas has to offer families. Please be aware that certain activities may require reservations or payment upon arrival, and we’re here to provide you with the accurate and up-to-date information you need to plan your thrill-seeking adventure.

Just remember to check your Cruise Compass daily for up-to-date scheduling and events to ensure an enriching and unforgettable experience for the entire family!



Hungry? Odyssey of the Seas offers an array of eateries. You’ll be enthralled by the variety and choice spanning across complementary and specialty dining options. Among the complimentary dining experiences, you'll encounter captivating dining rooms like the Main Dining Room and buffet hotspots such as the Windjammer, an all-you-can-enjoy buffet. Discover new dishes at amazing places like The Café @ Two70 or Coastal Kitchen which offers a fusion between California and Mediterranean cuisine (reserved for suite guests and Pinnacle members). Or grab a quick slice of pizza at Sorrento's and get your caffeine fix at Starbucks or the Café Promenade.

Signature dining experiences at additional fees offer adventurous and exotic culinary explorations. For example, Izumi presents authentic sushi, sashimi, and izakaya-style appetizers and rolls that range from classic to imaginative. For a more modern gastronomy experience, consider joining the trendy set at Wonderland's Imaginative Cuisine, where chefs concoct dishes and tantalize your taste buds with a unique and mesmerizing menu. Furthermore, specialty dining is not complete without Giovanni's Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar and Chops Steak House with their unforgettable fare.

With all these experiences and eateries, Odyssey of the Seas offers so much that you might not want to get off the ship!

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Pro-Tip: Extend Your Journey in the City That Never Sleeps

Situated a stone's throw away from the enthralling cityscape of New York City, Cape Liberty offers the perfect opportunity to extend your vacation. Whether precluding your cruise or unwinding after your maritime adventure, New York City offers a plethora of experiences, from Broadway shows to iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park - adding the perfect finale to your unforgettable journey.


Final Thoughts

With this 11-day Eastern Caribbean itinerary onboard the Odyssey of the Seas, every destination, every day spent at sea, and the possibility of extending your adventure in New York City, all combine to create a tapestry of experiences that promise to make this voyage truly unparalleled. 

Are you interested in this magnificent cruise, where every moment is an invitation to explore, relax, and create memories that will last a lifetime? Act fast, there is literally only one sailing that offers these exact stops. Contact us today!