Wave Season

Wave Season

Happy New Year! We made it to 2022 and are thankful to all our clients who chose us for their vacation experiences.

With the New Year, many of us begin thinking about travels for the upcoming year. For us, we are thinking about Wave Season!

What is Wave Season?

In terms of cruise travel, Wave Season is the three month period of time, typically January 1st-March 31st, where cruise deals are plentiful, making this a popular time of year for cruisers to book a trip.

What makes Wave Season the best time to book a cruise?

Although promotions occur throughout the year, Wave Season is where travelers will find some terrific deals, rich with offers and added perks. With that said, Wave Season is the Black Friday or Cyber Monday of cruise deals and is THE time of year to book a cruise.

Why this time of year?

With the holidays over and winter setting in (particularly in the Northern Hemisphere), travelers start to look at getting away and making their vacation plans for the upcoming year.

Benefits of booking a cruise during Wave Season.

When deciding upon a cruise vacation, Wave Season is where you will find some great itineraries and fares. Furthermore, booking at this time offers many benefits:

– Many cruise lines offer discounts on travel fare that can offer $100-$500(or more) off per person,

– Two-for-One, generous percent off, etc.

– Free or deeply discounted amenities such as Wi-Fi, beverage package, specialty dining, and gratuities.

– Additional on board credits.

– Airfare included (or reduced rate) which can offer huge savings overall.

– Reduced or zero deposits.

– Preferred cabin choices.

– And more, depending on the cruise line.

It should be noted, as with any cruise vacation, that once you book an itinerary, reserve your preferred dining time, spa treatments, shows, excursions, etc, as soon as possible to ensure your reservation is secured. As more travelers book their cruise and make their preferred reservations, the less availability for you to get what you prefer.

Should you book during Wave Season and find another, or similar deal, for less, on the same itinerary and ship, you can rebook to get the lower fare without losing your choice of cabin and itinerary. Understand, however, you may have to forfeit some perks from the previous package, but the savings can outweigh the perks. Bear in mind that fine print details may state certain windows for sailing or other pertinent information.

Additionally, we, at Generations Getaways, work for you! If we come across a better offering on the same itinerary and ship, we will let you know. Likewise, if you find a better offering, let us know and we will get straight to work on it.

Cruises are a fun experience! There is so much to do, even if you never leave the ship. The amenities, entertainment, restaurants, lounges, spa, seminars, activities, pool, and children’s programs will keep all members of the family busy. Sailing to ports of call are an added bonus and visiting other countries while experiencing the culture is exciting! Cruising is for everyone and you can do as little or as much as you want.

With all of this, keep in mind that although the perks you may receive are a bonus to your trip, the real value is the experience you and your family will have as well as the memories made and that is priceless!

When you are ready to travel, make your next getaway a Generations Getaway!

Wishing you all a New Year of happiness and health!

Suzanne & Ray