Why Did We Change Our Name?

As you know, earlier this month we changed our name to Generations Getaways and freshened up our look with new colors and a new logo. This was the result of months of hard work and we learned a lot along the way. There are a few reasons for the name-change; this blog post will focus on one of the reasons.

Earlier this year, along with coming out of the pandemic, we wanted our business to reflect positive change. A change that would reflect the type of travel we enjoy so much with a new, modern, fresh look and feel. To do this, we looked at many facets of our business and decided we needed to focus more on our niche areas. We didn’t have to dig too deep to find that our favorite vacations are those by either cruise ship or to all-inclusive resorts. Did you just ask why? We heard you! It’s because:


Symphony of the Seas - Labadee, Haiti
We thoroughly enjoy being on the open ocean, taking in the world from a perspective that can only be experienced from being on the water: fresh sea air, calming ocean breezes, the serenity of listening to the waves as the ship moves through the water, seeing a dolphin or two in the ship’s wake, the quiet and stillness of the water upon entering ports-of-call early in the morning, and much more! And nothing beats the incredible sunrises and sunsets experienced while at sea on a cruise. Additionally, a huge plus is that we only have to unpack one time all the while visiting several ports-of-call. The value a cruise offers is unbeatable. What vacation have you taken where one price provided accommodations, an itinerary to several countries, entertainment, activities, meals and beverages for one reasonable price?

All-Inclusive Resorts

Resort Pool with Palm Trees
The attraction of an all-inclusive resort is not having to pay for anything other than the price of the trip. That one price covers everything we need for a fantastic vacation – food and beverages (including alcohol), entertainment, activities, and non-motorized watersports. If we choose, we can completely enjoy ourselves without even leaving the resort! However, we do typically budget some money to get out and experience some of the local culture, sights, and to pick up some souvenirs. But that’s not needed; that one price can take care of everything! The rooms are typically spacious and comfortable and feature beautiful views of either the resort grounds, the pool, or even the ocean. As nice as the rooms are, the beach is our favorite spot on the resort. We often find ourselves under a palm tree or umbrella lounging on a comfortable chair while enjoying a cocktail watching the world go by. The soft sand is amazing and the beautiful, warm, clear waters are so attractive that you just have to jump in!

Given all of this, is there any wonder why these types of vacations are our favorites?

With this in mind, we decided to narrow down our business focus to these two niche areas. Why? (We heard you again!) These are the 2 areas where we have the most knowledge and experience so focusing on these allows us to provide the best guidance and recommendations to our clients. Each of these are full of value and each has their own vibe. And they both have something for everyone. In fact, if you think of it, a cruise is basically an all-inclusive resort vacation, except this resort is on the water and takes you to various places!

Although these are our niche travel areas, we can help you plan your getaway to anywhere in the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Florida, Hawaii, or Alaska. Are you looking for a beach vacation in Miami or Fort Lauderdale? We’ve got you! Thinking about a vacation not mentioned? Give us a call and let us know what you’re thinking! Either way, make your next getaway a Generations Getaway!