A Covid Travel Experience

A Covid-19 Travel Experience

Over the past year, we have all had to change many things we had long taken for granted. Now that the world is slowly opening up, we can, thankfully, start to once again have a semblance of normalcy in our lives, and get back to engaging in the things we enjoy.


For many, travel is one of those favorite things. Have you had to change or cancel travel plans due to the pandemic? We certainly did. In May, a cruise we were very much looking forward to was cancelled. Instead of a refund, we opted for the future cruise credit bonus and, expecting to being able to travel by the end of 2020 (not truly knowing how long the pandemic would go on), we booked different cruise for late December. Unfortunately, even with signs of improvement, the pandemic was still in full swing and that cruise also was cancelled. This time we opted for a full refund of our cruise fare which was refunded in a reasonable amount of time considering the large influx of cancelled voyages. Kudos to the cruise lines’ customer service reps who worked incredibly hard to get those refunds out to clients!


With the start of 2021, our desire to travel was growing strong. We really wanted to get away but were concerned with all the state and country closures, as well as the travel restrictions for those that were open (not to mention the requirements upon our return). Just as we felt things were open enough to travel again, an email came through for an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. Hhhmm… the timing was good, the destination was great, and the deal being offered was unbeatable! So we took advantage of the opportunity and booked the trip immediately!


We were already aware of the many protocols for traveling to Mexico, but we further brushed ourselves up on the protocols specifically for Cancun, the resort, and the airports as well. We felt comfortable knowing we would do the best we could to stay safe by keeping our masks on, using hand sanitizer, and keeping as socially distant from people as we could. Three weeks later, the day finally arrived and we were SO ready to travel!


We left from Boston’s Logan Airport. Throughout the airport, there was no shortage of signs for social-distancing and reminding passengers to wear their masks. In the waiting areas by the gates, adjacent seats were cordoned off (there were open seats together that were marked ‘families only’) to help facilitate social-distancing. They also had plenty of hand-sanitizer stations throughout the airport.


Full Airline

Full plane on the way to Cancun

To their credit, passengers did maintain social distancing – even in the TSA pre-check lines, which helped us feel safe. Upon boarding the airplane, the crew handed out packets of sanitizing-wipes and encouraged everyone to wipe down the tray-table and arm rest surfaces once at their seats. Masks were required for everyone for the duration of the flight and thankfully everyone complied. Free masks were offered to anyone who needed one (everyone already had masks due to the airport requirement but I did see a passenger on the plane request a free mask due to a broken strap). Even though all the flights we were on were completely full with no open seats, we felt safe throughout the flights.


Cancun Passport Control

The number of people in the Passport Control area at Cancun Airport

Cancun airport had the same protocols and guidelines are in place and, for the most part, the travelers adhered to these. There were 3 other planes that landed at the same time ours did and with hundreds of people in the airport at the same time, maintaining your social distance was a bit of a challenge. But the biggest thing that stood out was that there was no fear! People were there on vacation and they were starting right there in the airport! Most travelers did abide by the guidelines as best they could but not one person complained about others being “too close”. Those of us that felt uncomfortable being too close simply moved to an area where we could feel safe – no fanfare, we just moved. After retrieving our luggage, we met our transfer driver outside who took us to the resort. In the open, warm, and humid air, we briefly lowered our masks to take in the fresh air. Aaahhhhh!! After a long-cold winter, it felt good breathing in warm outside air!


The transfer company took the pandemic situation seriously. Protocols taken included spraying the luggage with disinfectant after they loaded into the van, being the only passengers in the van, and all passengers and drivers required to wear masks – all of which helped us feel safe. In just under an hour, we arrived at our resort in the Costa Mujeres area of Cancun. Upon exiting the van, the resort’s concierge greeted us and took our luggage, sprayed it down (I don’t think our luggage has ever been so germ-free!) and secured it for us while we checked in. All resort staff were mandated to wear masks and guests were to wear them while indoors. Throughout the resort, social-distancing signs and hand sanitizer stations were everywhere. Additionally, we had our temperature taken upon entering every on-site restaurant we visited. The resort also had a medical clinic  – it was here where we took our Covid-19 test in order to return to the United States.


Throughout our stay, we could see how much the guests were enjoying themselves while still following social-distancing guidelines. True, we did see some groups not doing so, but most were. The percentage of people that wore masks while walking outside was about 50%. We wore our masks everywhere we went although we did remove or lower our masks while on the beach and in open areas away from other people to take in the fresh air coming in off the Caribbean Sea. In the common areas, hallways, elevators, shops, restaurants, or when there were other guests around, we wore our masks along with almost everyone else. While inconvenient, it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t detract from us enjoying where we were.

Cancun Blue Water

Cancun Blue Water


Overall, it was a great getaway and the travel went smoothly. With the precautions we took, we weren’t fearful. Not once did we feel like we shouldn’t have taken the trip. In general, as long as we abide by the guidelines, wash our hands, and wear our masks, we are doing right by ourselves and able to enjoy the experience of travel and vacation. In not letting fear rule us, we were able to enjoy our mini-vacation and we wouldn’t dissuade anyone who wants to do the same. As long as you’re careful, if you’re considering travel in the near future, I say bring it on!

Beach Chairs in Cancun

Beach Chairs in Cancun